Friday, July 11, 2008

Why Traditional PR Doesn't Work with Bloggers

This is a quick post to recommend you visit Techdirt's terrific piece about PR and bloggers. Mike Masnick doesn't cover press releases because he doesn't think his readers are interested. In fact, his site states he won't accept press releases, yet his mailbox is filled with more PR than email.

Some PR professionals believe that since blogs are replacing traditional print media, bloggers have an obligation to receive and consider press releases. Mike sees it differently, and he writes compellingly about how social media is different than old media.

Anyone in PR or interested in blogger relations should check out this article, which ends with this warning to those in the PR business:
If you stop looking at the blogger as a one-way road to an audience, and realize that the blogger, the readers and the company you represent should all be part of a larger conversation, you might realize just how ineffective press releases are for that purpose.

Visit Techdirt for "PR Guy Says Bloggers Should Shut Up And Take Press Releases." Thanks to Andy for sharing this terrific blog post.

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