Monday, July 21, 2008

The Process to Brighten Your Day

Here's a fun and brief video, "The Process," to brighten your day. Having worked on both sides of the client-agency equation, I can sympathize with agencies who get frustrated with (what seems like) constant client shifts and changes. At the same time, I also know firsthand how rapidly the client-side world changes, the number of people who want to help improve the final product, the challenges of multiple approval levels, and the incredible pressure to have every single program, ad, media buy, Web site succeed beyond everyone's wildest expectations.

We're all in this together, folks! (Thanks to Neil for sharing this video.)

That video reminded me very much of the infamous "Microsoft Designs the iPod Package" video. At first, many assumed it was a video mocking Microsoft, and they were half right. This video actually came out of Microsoft itself, created by folks who wanted to challenge the prevailing Microsoft ways. Props to Microsoft for having the guts and confidence to release this into the wild!

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