Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Free Customer Experience Webinars

I apologize for the bit of self-promotion, but in two weeks I'll be presenting a pair of free webinars on customer experience that may interest you. The webinars are entitled "Align Marketing & Customer Experience to Build Loyal Advocates," and we will cover topics such as:
  • Why marketers' interest in and responsibility for customer experience is rising
  • The new customer journey in the age of the empowered customer
  • A high-level framework for conducting customer journey mapping processes
  • The importance of measuring both efficiency and effectiveness in your customer journeys
  • How brands with the strongest customer experience do not settle for mere satisfaction and create love
  • Why two self-sustaining loops--loyalty and advocacy--are vital for delivering customer experience and marketing success
  • How marketers can determine where best to deploy their resources to improve customer experience quickly
The webinars will be held live on Wednesday, July 27 at 10 AM EDT and 1:00 PM EDT. If you would like to learn more or register, please visit:

Gartner clients interested in diving deeper into these topics are invited to read two recent reports, How to Align Customer Experience With Marketing Channel Operations and Use Social Media to Power the Entire Customer Experience.

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