Saturday, January 30, 2016

Going Beyond Content Marketing Strategies

Some months ago (before my recent job change), I gave an interview to Media Shower about my contrarian view of content marketing, the trend toward collaborative consumption and why marketing metrics must fundamentally change if the CMO wishes to embrace Customer Experience as a core tenet of marketing. The interview has published, and I hope you find it interesting and worthwhile.

A few favorite quotes to whet your appetite:
"While brands continue to focus a great deal effort on what they say in social media, it is hard to avoid the reality that it is not what brands say but what they are and do that builds strong customer relationships."  
"I recently saw a survey where marketers by a wide margin believed they would be focused on customer experience in the next five years. I hope it happens, but there is no path from here to there if success will only be measured in impressions, clicks and conversions."
"It isn’t enough to have a video or tweet 'go viral' if it doesn’t change consumer attitude or behaviors."
"Focusing on improving the customer experience and then activating trusted peer-to-peer word of mouth is more difficult than getting your agency to produce a hilarious video you hope will go viral, but it will drive far more important engagement."

Click here to read the entire interview on Media Shower.

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