Monday, November 18, 2013

Tweets You Don't Want to Make--Eight Final Tweets from Failed Brands

Below is my Storify examination of the final tweets from famous brands. What did they do wrong, and what can your brand do to avoid a similar fate? Read on...


Liz said...

I'm curious about the Sony Ericcson last tweet. Do you think they were unable to negotiate terms to simply hand over the account and change the username? Whenever a brand (or person) asks its followers to follow a new account, this questions comes to mind. Wouldn't they want to keep the follower base they've acquired?

Interesting retrospective. Thanks for putting it together :)

Augie Ray said...

Liz, I think the reason for this is that the new handle, @sonyxperia, already existed. I don't know how many followers they had accumulated, but I think they had to keep the ones they had and hope to accumulate some new ones from @sonyericsson.

As an interesting side note, none of the brands that asked followers to follow a new handle did so more than once. I would think this is something worth repeating, given how few people are likely to see a single tweet. And since the now dead handle doesn't have to worry about losing followers, all the more reason to tweet it more than once!