Friday, July 19, 2013

Trends and Drivers of the Sharing Economy

I recently gave a keynote address at the Responsys Interact 2013 conference.  My topic was social business and how social technologies and behaviors are influencing the growth of a new sharing economy. This new form of business is altering how people consume products and the way businesses must bring products and services to market.

Today, "social" generally refers to social communications, but increasingly social will influence not simply what we say and how we say it but how we think and what we want (or, at least, the way in which we want it). The growing sharing economy is already changing consumer behaviors and attitudes, and that means business models must change as well.

Below is a video of my presentation in which I address three social media and sharing economy trends:
  • The future of social media is not media, it's business,
  • The future is radically transparent, and 
  • The future is serendipitous
What do these trends mean to business and how can we prepare today? I plan to publish a book this fall on these topics, but until then, please enjoy my 25-minute presentation on the future of social business and the sharing economy...


A big thank you to Responsys for inviting me to present at its terrific event.


Unknown said...

Yes Augie, Nice Presentation. Thanks for Posting.

Augie Ray said...

Thanks, John. I appreciate the feedback!