Monday, June 17, 2013

Data Points from LinkedIn's Study of Affluent, Investments and Social Media

Last year, LinkedIn conducted a study to evaluate the attitudes, social habits and investment activities of the mass affluent ($100K < $1M in investable assets), affluent ($1M < $5M in investable assets) and ultra affluent ($5M+ in investable assets). The study is embedded below, but here are some of the most interesting data points:

  • High net worth social media users are significantly less likely to have an advisor compared to non-social media users. Only 35% of high net worth people under 55 years of age who use social media are advised on their investments.
  • Only 4% of investors indicate that they currently interact with their advisor via social media, while 52% of these investors would interact with their social advisor, if they could.
  • Just 28% of social media users are likely to delegate all of their  financial research and decision making to an investment professional (vs. 52% for non-social media users).
  • 28% of all High Net Worth Investors would perceive a  financial company as “innovative,” “a leader in the industry,” or “on the cutting edge” if they offered social media tools.
  • More than 2/3 of mass affluent and affluent expect FinServ companies to share market and economic trends/commentary on social media.
  • More than half of mass affluent, ultra affluent and affluent expect FinServ companies to share new product info on social media.
  • 66% of investors with investable assets over $100K are active on LinkedIn (use at least monthly), consistent with Facebook (68%) and higher than other social platforms (Google+ at 27% active usage and Twitter at 21%).
  • When affluent social media users were asked, "Which of the following online sources do you think financial institutions should use to advertise?," the top answer was Financial web sites (such as Bloomberg , but the second answer was LinkedIn.

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