Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What Do Facebook's 1 Billion Users Represent? [Infographic]

Let me be the first to welcome Facebook's 1 billionth user.

No, you haven't missed an announcement from Facebook, but it is coming very soon. Facebook's recent SEC filing indicated that Facebook had 955 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) as of June 30, 2012, and the social network was adding MAUs at a pace of almost 600,000 per day. At that rate, Facebook will hit the 1 billion mark in mid September.

A billion is a big number. Really big. How big? Well, here's an infographic I hope you will find interesting...

Random Trivia: Facebook took eight years to reach 1 billion users, the same number of years it took Ray Kroc to sell his 1 billionth McDonald's hamburger. While Facebook undoubtedly has a few duplicate users, Kroc had a great deal more repeat customers. Whether or not Facebook will ever be able to claim "billions and billions served" as McDonald's does remains to be seen. The second billion will be much harder for the social network. At the current time, Facebook's growth curve is flattening in the U.S., Canada and Europe as the saturation point is approached, but Facebook still on an upward slope in Asia and the rest of the world. Facebook still has plenty of room for growth globally.

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