Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's... alive! The Return of Experience: The Blog

For the past 15 months, this blog has been dormant.  Since November 2009, I had the extraordinarily luck to be part of Forrester covering social media for interactive marketing professionals, and you'll find my 89 blog posts from this period on the Forrester blog.

As I move into the next stage of my career, I am playing Dr. Henry Frankenstein (as the character was called in the classic 1931 film version of the famous story) and reanimating the lifeless corpse of my original blog.  It's... alive!

In the past year since I last posted here, social media has gone from nascent to mainstream, from buzzworthy to newsworthy and from experiment to necessity.  And while many companies have launched their Twitter profiles and Facebook fan pages with a self-congratulatory sense of having accomplished the feat of becoming social, this roller coaster is just getting started.

In 2021, the social media of 2011 will look as crude and stiff as the websites of  2001 look to us today.  Check out the comparisons below, consider the pace of change the past two years and then envision the disruptions we'll experience in the coming decade. Those experiences will be the focus of Experience: The Blog.  I look forward to the many interesting and challenging discussions to be had.


deziner said...

Welcome back Augie! :)

Tom Snyder said...

I don't often disagree with you, but there's something in your post that you couldn't be more wrong about.

"Luck" brought you to Forrester?

Those of us who have known you know that nothing could be further from the truth. Hard work, articulation, wisdom and earned insight, yes.

Fortunate? Yes. Lucky? No way.

BTW, great to see this blog back.

Shelly Kramer said...

Hi Augie,

Welcome back. Like you, I will be very much looking forward to the many changes we'll see in the coming months/years. Thankfully, I love change. And you, congrats to you on this next adventure. Can't wait to see where you take it.


P. Escandon said...

Will be looking forward to following your writings on here and of course keeping up on Twitter! Continued luck in the new career move.

-Paul @newaustinite

Unknown said...


This is exciting...a rebirth indeed. As a loyal USAA customer, I'd love to repay you with some insights. Just holler when you're ready :)