Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My New Adventure with Forrester

As some of you who follow my Tweet stream may know, I am leaving Fullhouse (a place I love full of bright people I respect) for an exciting new opportunity; I'll be joining Forrester's Foster City (Bay area) office as a Sr. Analyst of Social Computing.

You may have noticed that my blog production has been down a bit recently; that's because Forrester's recruiting process is thorough and time consuming, but also very fun and exciting. I got the chance to write my first Forrester report and then present it in their Cambridge, MA home office. (I hope to share more about this report--exploring the relationship between trust, influence, and scale in Social Media--in the future.)

I found the experience of researching and writing a report to be very similar to the process I've used on this blog, only with Forrester there are some tight (and very helpful) guidelines. Also, while blogging has been a solitary endeavour, the Forrester process is collaborative. I've always been conscious of the challenges and limitations of being a one-person research, writing, editing, and proofing team, so working on the Forrester report with another person's input was different and enjoyable.

I intend to continue to maintain this blog in the future, but the coming couple of weeks will be challenging ones as I finish up with Fullhouse, move 2,189 miles, and begin my new and exciting career at Forrester. Please continue to monitor this blog, where I hope to share observations about my transition to Forrester, explore report ideas, convey Social Media news and insights, and ask for input and guidance from my readers.

If any of you have thoughts on what you expect from a good analyst, topics that I should explore, contacts I ought to make, or even tips on the Bay Area (I'll be settling in San Mateo, 20 miles south of San Francisco), please feel free to email me (augie --at-- or comment here. While may not get my full attention for a few weeks, I am committed to keeping it an exciting, informative, helpful, and interesting spot for Social Media, Social Marketing, and Social Computing commentary.



Ari Herzog said...

Can you shed some light why a social computing person needs to relocate?

Augie Ray said...

That's a great question, Ari! I asked it myself (although I have no complaints about the opportunity to experience the Bay area after a lifetime of Milwaukee winters.)

Forrester has some terrific Social- and Interactive-focused analysts already (such as Nate Elliott, Josh Bernoff, Sean Corcoran, Emily Riley, Peter Sargent, and others), but they are mostly located on the east coast. Forrester is interested in someone on the left coast for purposes of consulting and building relationships with clients on that side of the country.

While I agree Social Media permits us to accomplish more of these sorts of things with less physical contact, I also think there's a lot of benefit to face-to-face meetings and relationships. And, of course, clients often want to spend time with analysts in person versus the phone or teleconference.

So, my intended focus out of the Foster City office will be on marketing organizations and agencies on the west coast.

Ari, perhaps we'll get to meet when I visit Forrester in Cambridge in the future. I assume you aren't too far from the Boston area, are you?

Jeremiah Owyang said...

Congrats to you Augie, you're going to a very exciting company, working with some of the best minds in the space, and covering an explosive industry.

Congrats to Forrester for an excellent new hire, and to Augie for his exciting journey!

Augie Ray said...

Thanks, Jeremiah! I am very mindful of the amazing work that has been in the Foster City office before me. I appreciate your kind words and congratulations.

Vicki Kunkel said...

Congratulations! (Although I have to say I am insanely jealous that you'll be basking in warmth while the rest of us Midwesterners freeze in the coming winter months!)

Enjoy the ride on your great new adventure!

Zachary Reiss-Davis said...

I look forward to meeting you and working with you in Foster City.


Josh Bernoff said...

A happy ending to our online conversation!

Augie Ray said...

Zachery, thanks for the welcome!

Vicki, I appreciate the wishes!

And Josh, I appreciate the comment. I never thought when I was speaking with you and Sean those months ago that I might soon get the chance to work with you two. I'm very excited for that opportunity!

Marjie Snyder said...

Augie, no doubt you are headed for a well deserved adventure of a lifetime. I've appreciated the opportunity we've had (thanks to social media) to get to know you and also Geri. You're good people! ;)

Augie Ray said...

Marjie, Thanks for the kind words. I'll miss being around you, Tom, and the Milwaukee Twitter network, but I am sure we'll stay in touch in 140-character bites!

villa bali said...

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