Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thanks to Buzz Canuck

Word of Mouth Marketing blog Buzz Canuck created a list of the top bloggers from the USA (and a second list of International bloggers) who "speak on the subject of word of mouth, viral, buzz, influence and the engaging brand." I was very honored to be included in the list, which is comprised of many blogs that I read and many bloggers whom I respect a great deal.

Sean Moffitt selected bloggers who have "distinguished themselves by helping visitors understand how ideas spread, online and offline, through a range of different strategies and tactics... Each recognizes the importance of having brands getting noticed, talked about and advocated in a 2.0 world."

The list is a terrific one, comprised of some of the best reading material you can find online on the topic of Social Media. Be sure to visit Buzz Canuck to see his list of top blogs! My thanks to Sean for including!

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