Monday, June 16, 2008

Alltop - A Resource for Marketers (and Others)

I'm sure that as a marketing professional, you find yourself with too much time and a lack of reading material. If this is the case, be sure to visit This site aggregates the top marketing blogs in one place so you can easily peruse headlines and access articles.

While Alltop may at first seem a bit overwhelming, I've found it indispensable. Rather than waiting for the latest email newsletter or, heaven forbid, snail mail, environment-killing, last-month's-news-sharing magazine, Alltop has all the news that matters right now.

In addition to accessing the best of the Marketing blogs in one easy spot, there is another benefit to Alltop--you can easily discern trends at a glance. Right now, several of the top blogs are buzzing about Dave Balter's free downloadable book on Word of Mouth marketing. Seeing this mini groundswell (to borrow Forrester's term) was my clue something big was happening and worth my attention. And it was--see my prior post with a link to his PDF WOM book.

So, head on over to Alltop, and perhaps someday soon you'll find E:TB in their list of top Marketing blogs!

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