Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Social Media Research Tool Day

Today must be Social Media Research Tool Day on the Internet, because I found two new tools to help you track trends and buzz in social media.
  • Graphing Twitter: If you're a Twitter user or just care to know what people are chatting about on the microblog site, check out Twist from Flaptor. Simply enter terms separated by commas, and you can see a graph showing mentions in Twitter over time. For example, I checked out Obama, Hillary, and Idol, and found that following a Pennsylvania Primary spike, Idol as of today is getting more mentions than either presidential candidate.

  • Graphing Facebook: Want to know what people are talking about on Facebook? Go to Facebook Lexicon. You must be signed into Facebook to access it, but once you do you can enter terms and chart the number of occurrences of words and phrases on "walls." I checked the same terms as above and found that poor Hillary is regularly out-mentioned by both Idol and Barack.

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Anonymous said...

so how are the y ordinates measured?