Friday, March 7, 2008

Welch's Grape Juice: XM in Traditional Media

While most Experiential Marketing (XM) involves the use of nontraditional media (the Internet, events, etc.), some wise marketers are finding interesting ways to create branded experiences in traditional media. They accomplish this by engaging human senses in unexpected ways.

Take, for example, the print ad for Welch's Grape Juice that appeared in People Magazine last month. Punching through consumer disregard and apathy for print advertising, the ad invited consumers to lick the page to experience the taste of the product. This ad, which was the brainchild of Interpublic Group's Initiative, is an excellent application of XM strategy to traditional media.

Perhaps some consumers found it unappetizing to lick a page, but even those who opted not to taste it found it hard to ignore the ad. In addition to gaining more attention, the ad also reinforced the Welch's brand in an exceptional way, encouraging people to taste their grape juice and consider the product in a way that excited the senses.

Seeing a Welch's Grape Juice print piece is advertising. Tasting it is experiential!

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