Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Short Takes: 3.27.08

Here are some interesting XM and online marketing news items and links for your perusal:
  • Is this the dumbest political ad idea ever? A company called Spot Runner has an interesting ad model. They offer a library of ready-to-use TV spots from which small businesses may select; paste in a logo, tweak the voiceover, and viola--a professional-looking ad ready to be placed on local TV. What seems like a fine idea for a small clothing store or pet boutique strikes me as a lousy idea for the unique world of politics, but Spot Runner is now offering stock TV ads for politicians. Given the highly personal nature of politician's records and stands--not to mention the importance of transparency and trust in candidate selection--this strikes me as a bad and potentially fatal idea for a candidate. If I were running for office, I'd rather my constituency see an awkward but genuine spot of me talking rather than get caught with a cut-and-paste tough-on-crime-in-anytown ad like this.

  • We couldn't agree more! has an interesting article entitled, "Digital Media Issues: What to Watch in 2008." Dave Friedman of Razorfish says, "The digital media business is no longer simply about buying ad space. It's about distributing experiences through social networks, videos, widgets and applications; branded content; and ad placements." He has other insightful forecasts about the online world in 2008, so check out the article. (I like the article, but isn't it cheating to wait until the year is a quarter completed before making your predictions? Here's one of my '08 predictions: Bear Stearns is going to collapse!)

  • The New York Times has an article about a cool little viral campaign for Scion. Launched by Strawberry Frog, gives users the opportunity to create their own coat of arms, using hundreds of cool designer components. The campaign engages their target audience's love for customizing their rides. You can download your artwork, or arrange to pay to have the shield painted on your car. That's my Scion coat of arms at right.

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