Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ford Fusion Ad Makes Us Pay Attention

I gripe a great deal about marketers that fail to produce work that demands attention, and possibly the worst offender seems to be the auto industry. As the top-spending industry for advertising, you'd think they would be well practiced at producing ads that consumers notice, but it seems one car ad after another features almost identical beauty shots of shiny cars driving through forests, down damp city streets, or along coastal highways. With the exception of truck ads, automakers seems stuck in a creative rut.

Which is why this ad catches the eye. It's a dark, moody spot that tells a story with arresting imagery and haunting music. It doesn't really make sense--why is the car chased by a wave of freezing cold air?--but it doesn't need to.

One might argue that the car hasn't been made a sufficient star of this ad, but I think this sort of advertising does more to position the Ford Fusion as a hip, cool vehicle than could 60 seconds of generic product footage. [Via AdGabber]

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