Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Death To Headline Writers!

I don't know if I hate just those who write headlines or all journalists. The breathless hype they toss at some subjects (Second Life!) and the negative twist they put on others can really get in the way of communicating information.

Today, eMarketer cut its forecast for 2008 online ad spending 6 percent from its forecast in October. It now expects advertisers will spend $25.8 billion on Internet ads. eMarketer is forecasting growth of online ad spending between 16 to 17% per year from 2009 to 2012.

Now, I think we can agree that 16 to 17% annual growth is an impressive figure, can't we? Especially given the fact the weak economy is being factored into this forecast, I don't think this sort of double-digit growth is anything to sneeze at.

But that's not what you'd think if all you did is read the headlines:

Ironically, the article that appears on eMarketer's own Web site has an upbeat headline: "Online Advertisers To Spend Through Turbulence."

Those who write headlines just can't help themselves from either hyping or slamming Internet topics, but I suppose that's how they get people to click and read.

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